Cover of the book ‘Illuminated Life’ by Sr. Joan Chittister

Journey into the ‘Illuminated Life’ with our book study during Lent

Join us, Patsi Wagner and Michele Volz, and fellow seekers in exploring Sister Joan Chittister’s book Illuminated Life: Monastic Wisdom for Seekers of Light. We have decided to start our Monday meetings on Zoom at the beginning of Lent in late February.

What we like about the book Illuminated Life by Joan Chittister is the clear way she weaves the ordinary of our personal lives with contemplative spirituality. She grounds the reader in awareness of living life from the inside out, even—and especially—in the midst of chaos. Created in the image of God’s goodness and possibility, spiritual potential is limited only by our misunderstanding of it. Sister Joan leads us through 26 values that “tell us how to keep things in perspective, how to live life well, how to see the life beyond life.”

Our created uniqueness manifests innumerable expressions. So come Zoom with us from 7 to 8:30 on Monday evenings when Lent begins, from Feb. 27th to April 3rd, knowing that your unique gifts will bring fullness to the nuances of great conversation centered around this book. Please email Wendy Sayers at to register for our discussion group.

—Patsi Wagner, co-facilitator