Stations of the Cross (closeup image) and prayer ribbons affixed to a gate

Stations of the Cross, prayer ribbons at our gate part of our Lenten activities this year

Stations of the Cross will take place every Friday during March at 5 p.m., starting in the courtyard. Our newly formed young-adult group, “Mass for the Masses,” is sponsoring this program and will lead you through our beautiful campus on this Lenten spiritual journey. Afterwards, you are welcome to join them for a fish tacos dinner and libations at a local restaurant—“Dutch Treat.”

We have a Lenten Prayer-Ribbon Gate Project as well, and we are inviting the community at-large to pray with us. Using a strip of ribbon can’t change the world, but the power of prayer can. We are inviting any and all to participate in this Lenten prayer-ribbon project. Find the ribbons at the church gate to inscribe a prayer. Tie the
ribbon onto the gate. Your ribbon will remain there as a visual reminder of its collective purpose
and power through Easter.