Kids &


All ages and all kinds of families are welcome!

Kids &


All ages and all kinds are welcome!


At St. James, we serve all children, youth, young adults, and all understandings of family. 


At St. James, we seek to find a common place where all members—regardless of history, affiliation, experience, or profession, can find and foster a relationship with God in community. Our family events and ministries are to be a place where anyone can experience loving relationship with our church through meaningful gatherings of work and play. 

Families & Children

As a multi-generational church, we celebrate the gift of faith through worship, in conversation, through learning, in fellowship, and in service. 




What we’re learning this month in Kids’ Church

Summer is almost here and many of our families will be traveling. Even though our attendance can be challenging with children out for vacation, God can use those smaller Sundays in ways beyond our imagination. And we remember the impact on the lives of the children who show up. May our hearts open to the possibilities and trust God will bring the fruit in his time.

Kids in St. James’ Kids Church (June 2024 image)


Summer is also a great time for getting outside and enjoying all of God’s creation. Amidst all the fun under the sun, may our children remember to spend time with God. They need God in their lives every day, just as much as grownups do. We should do all our best to give God 10 minutes. We can spend five minutes praying and five minutes reading the Bible to make it easier. Yes! We read the Bible every Sunday at St. James Kids’ Church. Please let us know if you need one at home. Spending time with God will help us love him more and know him better. If we remember to give God our 10, God just might make this the best summer we all have ever had!

—Krishen Guan, Kids’ Church Teacher


• June 2nd: God Created Us

• June 9th: A Rainbow of Promises

• June 16th: Following the Rules

• June 23rd: The Lord Is My Shepherd

• June 30th: We Are God’s Family