Serving Our Local, National, And Global Communities



Serving Our Local, National, and Global Communities

Our Mission & Vision

At St. James, our mission is to create a transformational church for the digital age. St. James embraces Christ’s teachings as a way of life, and is an inclusive, relevant, and dynamic spiritual community whose mission is spreading the Gospel to the world.  


God has called us to serve those in need in our local, national and global communities. At St. James, we are committed to accomplishing this by reaching out to the underserved with compassion and action in the way of Christ.

Working Together to Help Others

Care Team

For those in need of help—whether you’ve experienced health issues, personal crisis, abuse, addiction, loss, or pain—or you are simply searching for hope, prayer or the next right step towards healing, we welcome you. Our Care Team is a ministry of grace designed to bring hope and healing to the hurting. For more information please contact:

Local Outreach

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code for girls and boys is live at St. James. Our winter semester, taught by our technology team, meets at 11:30 a.m. the first and third Sunday of the month. If you are interested in having your kids attend, please contact Barbara Stachelski at:

National Outreach

Global Outreach

“Think Locally, Act Globally” is our motto as we reach beyond boundaries to spread the Gospel through action in communities far from our own. In Tanzania, we are supporting a project to bring education and fresh water to a Maasai community. We offer cultural service projects and trips to Tanzania. For more information please contact:

Global Outreach

Adult Education

Discovering that everyone is called to ministry, no matter what age, opens the door to endless possibilities. Through worship, study, and community we encounter the divine and grow in a spiritual life. St. James offers small-group study and fellowship programs tailored to suit your lifestyle and spiritual needs. For more info, contact admin@stjamesnewport.org

XM Ministries

The XM Ministry is geared toward reaching the Generation X and Millennial individuals in our community through small-group settings as well as larger events. For more info, contact Tamara Copeland at tamara@stjamesnewport.org

St. James Kids’ Church

All children are invited to join together every Sunday at 10 a.m. for St. James Kids’ Church. St. James Kids’ Church draws from Godly Play and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd to create a contemplative and hands-on faith experience. At St. James, our children’s ministry nurtures young spiritual lives through the exploration and celebration of God’s presence in play, song, contemplation, nature, and community interaction. If you have any questions, contact Tamara Copeland, Director of Faith Formation, at tamara@stjamesnewport.org

2022 Messiah Concert at St. James on Dec. 11, 2022