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Watch the videos of the ‘Welcome to Hell’ discussion series if you missed any sessions

Our Christian faith teaches us that our lives do not end with physical death. But this raises important questions about the afterlife and our relationship to it—especially Hell.

As a Christian, do I have to believe that God condemns some people to an eternity of fiery torment? On the other hand, how can I trust God’s justice if wicked people get a pass in the afterlife? What does the present life look like when we live it in the light of the next? Could Hell be good news?

In this new St. James Faith Lab series, all are welcome to learn how historic beliefs about Hell were constructed and how they affect us psychologically and spiritually today.

From January through June of 2024, Dr. Bill Yarchin, Fr. Richard Rubin, and Dr. Nancy McLoughlin unpacked how the afterlife has been viewed throughout the Church’s history, and how we can make sense of it today.

VIDEOS of the sessions as they are released appear below.

The final session of this series was on:
Part 6: Afterlife and Christian mission in the world (video will be available soon)